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Abandoned Garden in Rouen - Paul Gauguin


Toni Catany
sin titulo - 1987

Gunther Forg - Untitled (2007)

Corrado Giaquinto (Molffeta 1703-1766 Naples), The Penitent Magdalen, ca.1750, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Two Poems By Patrizia Cavalli

“I go, but where? O gods!”
Always to cafés, restaurants, museums,
swaying anorexic or bulimic
between as always two mothers
this one who loves me falsely
and would deny me all food
and that one who loves me falsely
and would kill me with food,
and me forced to choose one or the other
starve or binge and meanwhile
I’m staring at a boy’s beautiful face
so far from my true loves
hounded into tourism by these
wretched roving watchdogs.


Grave and determined each morning
after my disastrous night games
I review the lesson with grim zeal—
the lesson of fate and fortune.
But why don’t I learn? It’s all so clear!
Just yesterday they offered me a chance.

But how is it that these two entities
always have something to teach,
and why to me? Their exhausting pedagogical
industry, their exaggerated dedication—
to me? Well, I can’t believe it, but if it’s true
let them leave me in peace,
I’m not cut out for school.
I simply didn’t want to be alone.


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Chirking Moon


The same last stars
fade over our roofs
ferry call rumples
cool whistled sheets

summer sun round
oscillates down south
sunrise notch blind
cuts screen door

lazy bush smoke airs
bird’s call after-call
heavy through leaves
last night’s dew

dripping down earth
falling petal white
leaf long shadows
caress skins

deep leaves dapple
tree tops full of sky
down towelling road
witherward to shore

arcing round bay deep
greets leashed strangers
my dog’s legs shorter
than the surf foam

breeze shared shower
restless liquid world
this morning’s glories
unfurling cicada moon.

Guy Peppin

"You didn’t look like your pictures,
so I made you start a tab
and buy me drinks,
and call me sir on your knees
all night, until you did."

— Guy Peppin, Internet Date (via peppinpoetica)